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Here you can find your favorite arcade cabinets, table arcade cabinets and parts.
Did you also spend a lot of time in the arcadehall.....well, believe it or not..revive that experience with our hot multigame arcade cabinets! has the largest range of arcade cabinet availlable for Belgium en beyond, directly availlable for home use or even suitable for company entertainment!
With more than 9 years of professional experience in arcade electronics... sale, repair and upgrades, we are pleased to supply you or company with the most beautifill arcade cabinets availlable on market. 
Check your favorite Arcadetreasures, new multigame arcades via our online  brochure. New units come with 9 month warranty period
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           Play the JOE fm online Pac Man game, set the high score and WIN this                        Pac Man arcade Powered by Arcadetreasures


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